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  1. 7:13 pm on October 4, 2007 Rj said

    really like this one

  2. 11:42 am on September 6, 2007 Rj said

    what is happening here?

  3. 8:57 pm on September 5, 2007 Rj said

    Total photoshop job. Tampering with evidence will get you nowhere.

  4. 4:27 pm on September 4, 2007 Rj said

    I don't want to make a big deal about this, but that's no scrubby dude. That's one of the treats from Jenn's mom. View original if you don't believe me. The people rest.

  5. 10:10 pm on September 3, 2007 Rj said

    so punk. i love it.

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