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We had damn Good Times

In this picture:    • Andrew   • Hannah   • Jeanna   • Jen   • Sam
Location: Maine
Views: 7568 View Original (1536 × 1024) Photographer: Jenn

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  1. 9:43 am on September 5, 2007 Hannah said

    This, to me, is SCA! Just one of the many awesome things we did this summer!
    (cor! my hair is long!)

  2. 2:17 am on September 15, 2007 Andrew said

    I always come back to this photo as the best one from the entire crew.

    Damn. It's so good.

  3. 2:41 pm on January 7, 2008 Jenn said

    this was right before rebecca came and yelled at us to get out of the dryers haha

  4. 1:16 pm on December 1, 2008 Jen said

    Yeah...this day was fun till I fell out of the dryer...then it was just painful ;-)

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